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SCHEDULE 1N.I.Authorisation by panel of certain serious interventions

Part 4 N.I.Decision on application

Decision on applicationN.I.

15—(1) Having considered the application, the panel must—N.I.

(a)authorise the measure mentioned in paragraph 2(2)(a) to (d) for which the application requests authorisation (or, if the application requests authorisation of more than one such measure, authorise each of those measures or such one or more of them as may be specified in the authorisation); or

(b)refuse to grant an authorisation under this paragraph.

(2) If a measure authorised under sub-paragraph (1)(a) is the provision to P of particular treatment, the authorisation may also include authorisation of a measure mentioned in paragraph 2(2)(b) to (d) authorisation of which was not requested by the application.

(3) Sub-paragraph (2) applies whether or not the application requested authorisation of any other measure mentioned in paragraph 2(2)(b) to (d).

(4) Paragraphs 16 to 18 contain provision supplementing this paragraph.

(5) The panel may authorise a measure under this paragraph only if it considers that the criteria for authorisation are met in relation to that measure.

(6) An authorisation granted under this paragraph—

(a)takes effect from the time when the authorisation is granted; and

(b)expires (unless previously revoked) at the end of the period of 6 months beginning with the date when the authorisation is granted;

but this is subject to Chapter 6 of Part 2 of this Act (extension of period of authorisation).

(7) An authorisation under this paragraph may be expressed so as to authorise a measure to be carried out if circumstances specified in the authorisation arise.