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SCHEDULE 1N.I.Authorisation by panel of certain serious interventions

Part 2 N.I.Applications for authorisation

Paragraph 2: meaning of “relevant treatment”N.I.

4  For the purposes of paragraph 2 treatment which is proposed to be provided to P is “relevant treatment” if—N.I.

(a)it would or might be treatment with serious consequences (see section 21);

(b)the applicant reasonably believes that P lacks capacity in relation to the treatment; and

(c)either of the following applies—

(i)P's nominated person has reasonably objected to the proposal to provide the treatment and has not withdrawn that objection; or

(ii)the applicant reasonably believes that it is likely that the provision of the treatment would be such that authorisation is needed by reason of section 20 (resistance etc by P to provision of certain treatment).