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Careers guidanceN.I.

Careers guidanceN.I.

20  In section 1 of the Employment and Training Act (Northern Ireland) 1950 (general functions of Department as to employment and training for employment), after subsection (3) insert—

(4) The Department must make arrangements under this section for providing careers guidance for such persons as the Department considers appropriate.

(5) The guidance must—

(a)be provided in an impartial manner; and

(b)be in the best interests of the person receiving it.

(6) The Department may by regulations make such provision concerning arrangements under subsection (4) as the Department considers appropriate, including provision requiring the guidance to be delivered or otherwise provided by a person who has such qualifications as the Department may determine.

(7) In this section “careers guidance” means guidance on—

(a)what employments are available to and suitable for the persons receiving the guidance; and

(b)what education and training may be available to those persons to prepare them for those employments