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The Police Act 1997(c. 50)N.I.


6—(1) Section 117 (disputes about accuracy of certificates) is amended as follows.N.I.

(2) In the title for “accuracy of certificates” substitute “ certificates and up-date information ”.

(3) After subsection (1A) insert—

(1B) Where a person believes that the wrong up-date information has been given under section 116A in relation to the person's certificate, the person may make an application in writing to the Department for corrected up-date information..

(4) In subsection (2)—

(a)after “inaccurate” insert “ , or that the wrong up-date information has been given, ”, and

(b)after “new certificate” insert “ or (as the case may be) corrected up-date information ”.

(5) After subsection (2) insert—

(2A) In this section—

corrected up-date information”, in relation to a certificate, means information which includes—


information that the wrong up-date information was given in relation to the certificate on a particular date, and


new up-date information in relation to the certificate,

up-date information” has the same meaning as in section 116A.