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Supply of information by relevant Northern Ireland departments, Secretary of State, etc.N.I.

19—(1) A report compiled under paragraph 18 may be supplied to the Chief Constable by—N.I.

(a)the relevant Northern Ireland department,

(b)the Secretary of State, or

(c)a person within paragraph 18(2)(c).

(2) Such a report may contain any information held—

(a)by the relevant Northern Ireland department or the Secretary of State in connection with the exercise of a relevant function, or

(b)by a person within paragraph 18(2)(c) in connection with the provision of services as mentioned there.

(3) Where such a report contains information within sub-paragraph (2), the Chief Constable—

(a)may, subject to sub-paragraph (4), retain the information, whether or not used for the purposes of the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of offences under this Part, and

(b)may use the information for any purpose related to the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of offences (whether or not under this Part), but for no other purpose.

(4) The information must be destroyed no later than the date on which the offender ceases to be subject to notification requirements.

(5) Sub-paragraphs (4) to (7) of paragraph 18 apply in relation to this paragraph as they apply in relation to paragraph 18.


Commencement Information

I1Sch. 3 para. 19 in operation at 27.11.2015 for specified purposes by S.R. 2015/376, art. 2

I2Sch. 3 para. 19 in operation at 1.4.2016 in so far as not already in operation by S.R. 2016/61, art. 2