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Part 2 N.I.Automatic Enrolment

Certification that alternative to quality requirement is satisfiedN.I.

13—(1) Section 28 of the Pensions (No. 2) Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 (sections 20, 24 and 26: certification that quality requirement is satisfied) is amended as follows.

(2) For the heading substitute Certification that quality requirement or alternative requirement is satisfied.

(3) In subsection (1) for “any jobholder of an employer” substitute “ each of an employer's relevant jobholders ”.

(4) After subsection (1) insert—

(1A) In this section—

(a)relevant jobholder” means a jobholder to whom the certificate in question applies;

(b)a reference to a scheme includes a reference to part of a scheme..

(5) In subsection (2)—

(a)for “state that” substitute



(b)for “the jobholders” substitute “ relevant jobholders ”;

(c)at the end add

, or

(b)that, in relation to those jobholders, the scheme is in that person's opinion able to satisfy a prescribed alternative requirement throughout the certification period..

(6) In subsection (6)—

(a)in paragraph (e) for “any jobholder” substitute “ any relevant jobholder ”;

(b)in paragraph (f) for “jobholders” substitute “ relevant jobholders ”.

(7) In section 32 of the Pensions (No. 2) Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 (power to modify by resolution) in subsection (1)(b) for the words after “the scheme” substitute

to satisfy—

(i)the requirements contained in section 20(1),

(ii)those requirements as modified under section 24(1)(a), or

(iii)a requirement prescribed under section 28(2)(b)..

Commencement Information

I1S. 13 partly in operation; s. 13 in operation for certain purposes at 2.6.2012 see s. 34(1)

I2S. 13 in operation at 7.6.2012 in so far as not already in operation by S.R. 2012/233, art. 2(1)(b)