Civil Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

Access to information in the Gender Recognition Register

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26.—(1) Paragraph 22 of Schedule 3 to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (c. 7) (Gender Recognition Register maintained in Northern Ireland) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In sub-paragraph (4) (Gender Recognition Register not to be open to public inspection or search), for the word “The” there shall be substituted the words “Subject to sub-paragraph (5), the”.

(3) After sub-paragraph (4) there shall be added the following sub-paragraphs—

(5) The Department of Finance and Personnel may by regulations make provision for any person to have access, on payment of the prescribed fee, to any information contained in the Gender Recognition Register.

(6) Regulations under sub-paragraph (5) may provide that the relevant period must have expired in relation to the information.

(7) In sub-paragraph (6) “the relevant period” in relation to information relating to a person means the period of 100 years from the date of that person’s birth or such other period as may be prescribed.

(8) Regulations under sub-paragraph (5) may provide for the Registrar General—

(a)to make arrangements with any person for the purpose of providing access to information as mentioned in that sub-paragraph; and

(b)for that purpose to transfer information to that person subject to conditions (including conditions as to the making of payments by that person to the Registrar General)..