Civil Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Births

    1. 1.Registration of births

    2. 2.Infant children found exposed

    3. 3.Issue of notice for information concerning births

    4. 4.Registration of father where parents not married

  3. Still-births

    1. 5.Time limit on registration of still-births

    2. 6.Registration of still-births where parents not married

  4. Legitimated persons

    1. 7.Re-registration of births of legitimated persons

  5. Declarations of parentage

    1. 8.Re-registration of births after declaration of parentage

  6. Deaths

    1. 9.Registration of deaths

    2. 10.Issue of notice for information concerning deaths

    3. 11.Short death certificate

  7. Other amendments of the 1976 Order

    1. 12.Discharge of functions of the Registrar General

    2. 13.Reproduction of registers and replacement of lost registers, etc.

    3. 14.Access to information relating to births and deaths

    4. 15.Correction of errors in registers

    5. 16.Registration or alteration of child's name

    6. 17.Certified copies

    7. 18.Issue of short birth certificate

    8. 19.Notification of births and deaths

    9. 20.Entries in registers as evidence

    10. 21.Refusal to give information

    11. 22.Fees payable for searches, certified copies, etc.

  8. Miscellaneous

    1. 23.Access to information relating to marriages and civil partnerships

    2. 24.Notification of registration of marriages and civil partnerships

    3. 25.Access to information in the Adopted Children Register

    4. 26.Access to information in the Gender Recognition Register

    5. 27.Notification of entry in the Register of Presumed Deaths

    6. 28.Access to information in the Register of Presumed Deaths

    7. 29.Correction of errors in the Register of Presumed Deaths

    8. 30.Commemorative documents

    9. 31.Record of Northern Ireland Connections

  9. Supplementary

    1. 32.Interpretation

    2. 33.Repeals

    3. 34.Commencement

    4. 35.Short title


    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. 1.A birth which occurred outside Northern Ireland if—

      2. 2.A death which occurred outside Northern Ireland if—

      3. 3.(1) A marriage which occurred outside Northern Ireland if—

      4. 4.(1) The formation of a civil partnership in Great Britain...

    2. SCHEDULE 2