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Section 8.


Terms and conditionsN.I.

1  Subject to sections 4 and 6, the Commission shall determine the terms and conditions of appointment applicable to each Panel member.N.I.

Administrative support and accommodationN.I.

2—(1) The Commission shall provide the Panel, or ensure that the Panel is provided, with such administrative support, including staff, services and accommodation, as the Panel may reasonably require to enable it to discharge its functions.N.I.

(2) From time to time, and in any case before providing any support under sub-paragraph (1), the Commission shall consult the Panel about such support so as to secure that such provision (and in particular the duties of the staff of the Assembly and the separation of the Panel's work from the business of the Assembly or of the Commission) does not call into question the Panel's independence.


3  The Commission shall—N.I.

(a)pay such sums as are payable in accordance with the Panel members' terms and conditions of appointment; and

(b)pay any expenses properly incurred by the Panel.