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The Game Preservation Act (Northern Ireland) 1928 (c. 25)N.I.

1—(1) Section 2 (police powers to search for game, etc.) is amended as follows.N.I.

(2) Omit subsection (1).

(3) In subsection (2) for the words from the beginning to “read the same” substitute “ If any officer or constable has reasonable grounds to suspect that any person is or has been unlawfully in pursuit of any game, ”.

(4) In subsection (3) omit “demand or”.

2  After section 7F insert—N.I.

7G    Relationship of this Act with Wildlife Order

Sections 7(1) and (2) and 7A(1) do not have effect in relation to a hare included in Schedule 5 to the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985..

3  In section 8(1) (penalties for offences) after “this Act” insert “ (except section 7AA) ”.N.I.

4  In section 10(2) (interpretation) for the definition of “game” substitute—N.I.

game” means any hare or game-bird;

game-bird” has the same meaning as in the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985;.