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Power to inspect, cleanse and disinfect vehiclesN.I.

19  After Article 48 of the 1981 Order insert—

Examination, cleansing and disinfection of vehicles

48A(1) If a vehicle is in a designated area in a designated period, an inspector (on producing, if required to do so, some duly authenticated document showing his authority) may—

(a)stop, detain and examine that vehicle to ascertain whether the provisions of any of the following are being complied with—

(i)this Order;

(ii)an order made under this Order;

(iii)a bye-law of a district council made in pursuance of an order made under this Order;

(b)cleanse and disinfect that vehicle.

(2) In paragraph (1)—

designated area” means any area designated by order of the Department and any such area may include the whole of Northern Ireland;

designated period” means any period of time designated by order of the Department;

vehicle” includes—


a trailer, semi-trailer or other thing which is designed or adapted to be towed by another vehicle;


anything on a vehicle;


a detachable part of a vehicle;


a container or other structure designed or adapted to be carried by or on a vehicle..