Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008


Effect of registrationN.I.

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111—(1) If the Commission grants an application under section 110 it shall register the CIO to which the application relates as a charity in the register of charities.

(2) Upon the registration of the CIO in the register of charities, it becomes by virtue of the registration a body corporate—

(a)whose constitution is that proposed in the application,

(b)whose name is that specified in the constitution, and

(c)whose first member is, or first members are, the applicants referred to in section 110.

(3) All property for the time being vested in the applicants (or, if more than one, any of them) on trust for the charitable purposes of the CIO (when incorporated) shall by virtue of this subsection becomes vested in the CIO upon its registration.

(4) The entry relating to the charity's registration in the register of charities shall include—

(a)the date of the charity's registration, and

(b)a note saying that it is constituted as a CIO.

(5) A copy of the entry in the register shall be sent to the charity at the principal office of the CIO.