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Licensing of street tradersN.I.

Grant, etc. of street trading licencesN.I.

6.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, a council shall grant an application under section 5 unless—

(a)it is required to refuse the application under section 8; or

(b)it considers that it ought to refuse the application on any of the grounds set out in section 9.

(2) The Department may by regulations, subject to negative resolution, prescribe the form of a street trading licence.

(3) In granting an application for a street trading licence, the council shall authorise the applicant to trade either as a stationary trader or as a mobile trader.

(4) A street trading licence shall, unless it is revoked or surrendered, remain valid for such period or until such date as the council may determine; but that period or date shall not exceed 3 years from the date on which the licence is granted.

(5) A licence holder may at any time surrender his street trading licence to the council and the licence shall then cease to be valid.