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Miscellaneous and supplementalN.I.


18.—(1) Rules made by the Council under this Part may make provision for the payment of reasonable fees to the Council in connection with the discharge of the Council's functions [F1, but subject to subsection (2A)].

(2) In particular, the rules may make provision for the payment of such fees in connection with—

(a)registration (including applications for registration or for amendment of the register [F2, but subject to subsection (2A)]);

(b)the approval of courses under section 10;

[F3(ba)assessments of a kind mentioned in section 10A(3);]

(c)the provision of training;

(d)the provision of copies of codes of practice or copies of, or extracts, from the register,

including provision requiring persons registered under this Part to pay a periodic fee to the Council of such amount, and at such time, as the rules may specify.

[F4(2A) Rules made by the Council under this Part may not make provision for the payment of fees in connection with registration in the visiting European part of the register.]

(3) No rules shall be made by the Council under this Part without the consent of the Department.

[F5(4) Rules under this Part may contain transitional, transitory or savingprovision.

(5) Transitional provision made by rules under section 6 may inparticular provide that where a person appeals against a decision made before the coming into operation of the rules (or any amendment of the rules), for the purposes of section 15(2)(c) the rules are (or the amendment is) to be treated as having been in operation at the time of that decision.]