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Post registration trainingN.I.

12.—(1) The Council may make rules requiring persons registered under this Part in any part of the register to undertake further training.

(2) The rules may, in particular, make provision with respect to persons who fail to comply with any requirements of rules made by the Council, including provision for their registration to cease to have effect.

[F1(2A) Subsections (1) and (2), so far as relating to a person (“P”) who is registered as a social worker only in the visiting European part of the register, have effect subject to, respectively, subsections (2B) and (2C).

(2B) Rules made under subsection (1)—

(a)may not impose requirements on P if P is required to undertake, in P's home State, further training in relation to the profession of social worker; and

(b)where they impose requirements on P—

(i)shall take account of the fact that P is a fully qualified social worker in P's home State, and

(ii)shall specify that training which P is required to undertake by the requirements may be undertaken outside the United Kingdom.

(2C) Where rules make provision such as is mentioned in subsection (2), the rules must secure that any sanction imposed in relation to P by or under that provision is appropriate and proportionate in view of P's continued lawful establishment as a social worker in P's home State.

(2D) In this section “home State”, in relation to P, means the relevant European State in which P is lawfully established as a social worker.]

(3) Before making, or varying, any rules by virtue of this section the Council shall take such steps as are reasonably practicable to consult the persons who are registered in the relevant part of the register and such other persons as the Council considers appropriate.