Intercountry adoptions

Registration of certain intercountry adoptions

10.—(1) In Article 50 of the 1987 Order (Adopted Children Register), in paragraph (1)(a) for the words from “shall be made” to “no other entries” there shall be substituted the following words

such entries as may be—

(i)directed to be made in it by adoption orders, or

(ii)required to be made under Article 53,

and no other entries, shall be made.

(2) In Article 53 of that Order (registration of adoptions made outside Northern Ireland)—

(a)after paragraph (3) there shall be inserted the following paragraphs—

(3A) If the Registrar General is satisfied, on an application under this paragraph, that he has sufficient particulars relating to a child adopted under a registrable foreign adoption to enable an entry in the form set out in Schedule 2 to be made in the Adopted Children Register for the child—

(a)he shall make the entry accordingly; and

(b)if he is also satisfied that an entry in the Register of Births relates to the child, he shall mark the entry “Adopted” or “Re-adopted”, as the case may be, followed by the name in brackets of the country in which the adoption was effected.

(3B) An application under paragraph (3A) shall be made, in the prescribed manner, by a prescribed person and give the prescribed particulars.

(3C) If the Registrar General is satisfied—

(a)that a Convention adoption, a Convention adoption order or an overseas adoption has ceased to have effect, whether on annulment or otherwise; or

(b)that any entry or mark was erroneously made in pursuance of paragraph (3A) in any register mentioned in that paragraph,

he may cause such alterations to be made in any such register as he considers are required in consequence of the cesser or to correct the error; and where an entry in such a register is amended in pursuance of this paragraph, any copy or extract of the entry shall be deemed to be accurate if and only if it shows the entry as amended but without indicating that it has been amended.

(3D) In this Article “registrable foreign adoption” means a Convention or overseas adoption which satisfies prescribed requirements.;

(b)in paragraph (4) for the words “and (3)” there shall be substituted the words “, (3) and (3C)”.