Management and constitution of registered social landlords

77Appointment of manager: supplemental

After paragraph 15F of Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1996 insert—

Appointment of manager: supplemental

15G(1)Before acting under paragraph 15F(3) the Welsh Ministers must give the registered social landlord a notice—

(a)specifying grounds on which action might be taken under that paragraph,

(b)warning the landlord that the Welsh Ministers are considering action under that paragraph, and

(c)explaining the effect of this paragraph.

(2)The notice must specify a period during which the registered social landlord may make representations to the Welsh Ministers.

(3)The period must—

(a)be a period of at least 28 days, and

(b)begin with the date on which the registered social landlord receives the notice.

(4)The Welsh Ministers must send a copy of a notice under sub-paragraph (1) to any person they think appropriate (having regard, in particular, to any person who provided information as a result of which the notice is given).

(5)A notice under sub-paragraph (1) must—

(a)refer to section 6A, and

(b)indicate whether or to what extent the Welsh Ministers would accept a voluntary undertaking instead of, or in mitigation of, action under paragraph 15F(3).

(6)Notice under sub-paragraph (1) may be combined with notice under one or more of the following—

(a)sections 50K and 50S,

(b)paragraphs 15C and 15E.

(7)The Welsh Ministers may require a manager to report to them on the affairs specified in the appointment or requirement under paragraph 15F(3).

(8)A registered social landlord may appeal to the High Court against an appointment or requirement under paragraph 15F(3).