Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011


25Duty to comply with a standardE+W

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(1)A person (P) must comply with a standard of conduct specified by the Welsh Ministers in accordance with Chapter 2 if, and for as long as, the following conditions are met.

(2)Condition 1 is that P is liable to be required to comply with standards (see Chapter 3).

(3)Condition 2 is that the standard is potentially applicable to P (see Chapter 4).

(4)Condition 3 is that the standard is specifically applicable to P (see Chapter 5).

(5)Condition 4 is that the Commissioner has given a compliance notice to P (see Chapter 6).

(6)Condition 5 is that the compliance notice requires P to comply with the standard (see Chapter 6).

(7)Condition 6 is that the compliance notice is in force (see Chapter 6).

(8)Subsection (1) is subject to the provisions of the compliance notice given to P.

(9)For provision about—

(a)rights of challenge in respect of the duty to comply with standards, see Chapter 7;

(b)standards investigations and reports, see Chapter 8;

(c)general matters, see Chapter 9.