Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011

(introduced by section 33)


This schedule has no associated Explanatory Notes

Column 1


Column 2


(1)Public authorities.
(2)Persons providing services to the public established by an enactment.

Persons established by prerogative instrument—


to advance learning and knowledge by teaching or research or by developing or awarding qualifications,


to collect, preserve or provide access to recorded knowledge or to objects and things which further understanding,


to support, improve, promote or provide access to heritage, culture, sport or recreational activities,


engaged in promoting a wider knowledge and representing the interests of Wales to other countries, or


engaged in central banking.

(4)Persons upon whom functions of providing services to the public are conferred or imposed by an enactment.

Persons providing services to the public who receive public money amounting to £400,000 or more in a financial year, where—


that person also received public money in a previous financial year, or


a decision has been made that that person will receive public money in a subsequent financial year.

(6)Persons overseeing the regulation of a profession, industry or other similar sphere of activity.
(7)Providers of social housing.
(8)Persons who consent to being specified in Schedule 6.

Entry (5): amendment by order

1(1)The Welsh Ministers may, by order, amend entry (5) in the table by replacing the relevant amount with any other amount that is not less than £400,000.

(2)In sub-paragraph (1), “relevant amount” means the amount of public money that is for the time being specified in entry (5) in the table.

Entry (8): interpretation etc

2For the purposes of entry (8) in the table—

(a)“consent”, in relation to a person, means consent in writing given to the Welsh Ministers by the person;

(b)consent may be withdrawn, but only with the agreement of the Welsh Ministers.


3In this Schedule—

  • “public authority” (“awdurdod cyhoeddus”) means each public authority within the meaning of section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998;

  • “public money” (“arian cyhoeddus”) means—


    moneys made available directly or indirectly by—


    the National Assembly for Wales;


    the Welsh Ministers;




    Ministers of the Crown; or


    an institution of the European Union;


    moneys provided by virtue of any enactment.