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Enforcement policy documentE+W

108Enforcement policy documentE+W

(1)The Commissioner must produce an enforcement policy document.

(2)The Commissioner may amend the enforcement policy document.

(3)An enforcement policy document is a document setting out advice and information on the Commissioner's intended approach to the exercise of the Commissioner's functions under this Part.

(4)The Commissioner may not produce or amend the enforcement policy document without the approval of the Welsh Ministers.

(5)The Commissioner must—

(a)ensure that a copy of the enforcement policy document is available for inspection at the Commissioner's office, and

(b)ensure that copies of the document are made available at such other places and by such other means (including by electronic means) as he or she thinks appropriate.

(6)The Commissioner must ensure that the arrangements for inspecting and gaining access to copies of the enforcement policy document are published in such a way as to bring those arrangements to the attention of persons whom the Commissioner thinks likely to have an interest in the document.

Commencement Information

I1S. 108 in force at 25.3.2015 at 16:00 hours by S.I. 2015/985, art. 2