Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011

Compliance notices

44Compliance notices

(1)In this Measure “compliance notice” means a notice given by the Commissioner to a person (P) which—

(a)sets out, or refers to, one or more standards specified by the Welsh Ministers under section 26(1), and

(b)requires P to comply with the standard or standards set out or referred to.

(2)A compliance notice may require a person to comply with a particular standard—

(a)in some circumstances, but not in other circumstances;

(b)in some area or areas, but not in other areas.

(3)If regulations under section 39 provide for two or more standards specified in relation to particular conduct to be specifically applicable to a particular person, a compliance notice may require the person—

(a)to comply with only one of the standards, or

(b)to comply with different standards—

(i)at different times;

(ii)in different circumstances (whether at the same time or different times);

(iii)in different areas (whether at the same time or different times).