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32Further provision about independent mental health advocacy for Welsh qualifying compulsory patientsW

After section 130E of the Mental Health Act 1983 insert–

130FArrangements under section 130E for Welsh qualifying compulsory patients

(1)The help available to a Welsh qualifying compulsory patient under arrangements under section 130E shall include help in obtaining information about and understanding–

(a)the provisions of this Act by virtue of which he is a qualifying compulsory patient;

(b)any conditions or restrictions to which he is subject by virtue of this Act;

(c)what (if any) medical treatment is given to him or is proposed or discussed in his case;

(d)why it is given, proposed or discussed;

(e)the authority under which it is, or would be, given; and

(f)the requirements of this Act which apply, or would apply, in connection with the giving of the treatment to him.

(2)The help available under the arrangements to a Welsh qualifying compulsory patient shall also include–

(a)help in obtaining information about and understanding any rights which may be exercised under this Act by or in relation to him;

(b)help (by way of representation or otherwise)–

(i)in exercising the rights referred to in paragraph (a);

(ii)for patients who wish to become involved, or more involved, in decisions made about their care or treatment, or care or treatment generally;

(iii)for patients who wish to complain about their care or treatment;

(c)the provision of information about other services which are or may be available to the patient;

(d)other help specified in regulations made by the Welsh Ministers.

Commencement Information

I1S. 32 in force in so far as not already in force at 3.1.2012 by S.I. 2011/3046, art. 2(b) (with art. 5)

I2S. 32 partly in force; s. 32 in force at 15.2.2011 in so far as it confers power to make subordinate legislation see s. 55