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Special educational needs appealsW

6Independent advocacy servicesW

(1)The Education Act 1996 (c. 56) is amended in accordance with this section.

(2)After section 332BA insert the following—

332BBIndependent advocacy services — Wales

(1)Every [F1local authority] in Wales must—

(a)make arrangements for the provision of independent advocacy services in their area;

(b)refer any child in their area who requests independent advocacy services to a service provider;

(c)refer any person who is a case friend for a child in their area and who requests independent advocacy services to a service provider.

(2)In this section “independent advocacy services” are services providing advice and assistance (by way of representation or otherwise) to a child—

(a)making, or intending to make an appeal to the Tribunal under section 332ZA, or

(b)considering whether to appeal to the Tribunal under that section, or

(c)taking part in or intending to take part in dispute resolution arrangements made under section 332BA.

(3)In making arrangements under this section, every [F1local authority] must have regard to the principle that any services provided under the arrangements must be independent of any person who is—

(a)the subject of an appeal to the Tribunal, or

(b)involved in investigating or adjudicating on such an appeal.

(4)The arrangements must comply with any provisions made in regulations by the Welsh Ministers that relate to the arrangements.

(5)Every [F1local authority] in Wales must take such steps as they consider appropriate for making the arrangements under this section known to—

(a)children in their area,

(b)parents of children in their area,

(c)head teachers and proprietors of schools in their area, and

(d)such other persons as they consider appropriate.

(6)The arrangements may include provision for payments to be made to, or in relation to, any person carrying out functions in accordance with the arrangements.

(7)A [F1local authority] must have regard to any guidance given from time to time by the Welsh Ministers..

Textual Amendments

Commencement Information

I1S. 6 in force at 6.3.2012 by S.I. 2012/320, art. 3(e)