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Performance indicators and standardsW

8Performance indicators and standardsW

(1)The Welsh Ministers may by order specify—

(a)factors (“performance indicators”) by reference to which a Welsh improvement authority's performance in exercising functions can be measured;

(b)standards (“performance standards”) to be met by Welsh improvement authorities in relation to performance indicators specified under paragraph (a).

(2)An order may specify different performance indicators or standards—

(a)for different functions;

(b)for different authorities or descriptions of authority;

(c)to apply at different times.

(3)Before specifying performance indicators or standards the Welsh Ministers must consult—

(a)persons appearing to them to represent the authorities concerned,

(b)the Auditor General for Wales, and

(c)such other persons (if any) as they think fit.

(4)In deciding whether to specify performance indicators and standards, and in deciding them, the Welsh Ministers must aim to promote improvement of the exercise of the functions of Welsh improvement authorities.

(5)In particular, the Welsh Ministers must be concerned with the need to improve the exercise of those functions in terms of at least one of the following—

(a)strategic effectiveness;

(b)service quality;

(c)service availability;



(f)efficiency; and


(6)For the meanings of paragraphs (a) to (g) of subsection (5), see section 4(2).

(7)A Welsh improvement authority must make arrangements to exercise its functions so that any applicable performance standard specified under subsection (1)(b) is met.

Commencement Information

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