CHAPTER II Access and interconnection

Article 62Conditional access systems and other facilities

1.Member States shall ensure that the conditions laid down in Part I of Annex II apply in relation to conditional access to digital television and radio services broadcast to viewers and listeners in the Union, irrespective of the means of transmission.

2.Where, as a result of a market analysis carried out in accordance with Article 67(1), a national regulatory authority finds that one or more undertakings do not have significant market power on the relevant market, it may amend or withdraw the conditions with respect to those undertakings, in accordance with the procedures referred to in Articles 23 and 32, only to the extent that:


accessibility for end-users to radio and television broadcasts and broadcasting channels and services specified in accordance with Article 114 would not be adversely affected by such amendment or withdrawal; and


the prospects for effective competition in the following markets would not be adversely affected by such amendment or withdrawal:


retail digital television and radio broadcasting services; and


conditional access systems and other associated facilities.

An appropriate notice period shall be given to parties affected by such amendment or withdrawal of conditions.

3.Conditions applied in accordance with this Article are without prejudice to the ability of Member States to impose obligations in relation to the presentational aspect of EPGs and similar listing and navigation facilities.

4.Notwithstanding paragraph 1 of this Article, Member States may allow their national regulatory authority, as soon as possible after 20 December 2018 and periodically thereafter, to review the conditions applied in accordance with this Article, by undertaking a market analysis in accordance with Article 67(1) to determine whether to maintain, amend or withdraw the conditions applied.