3. Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised vessel checks at random intervals (Module C2)

3.2. Manufacturing

3.2.1.The manufacturer shall take all measures necessary so that the manufacturing process and its monitoring ensure conformity of the manufactured vessels with the type described in the EU-type examination certificate and with the requirements of this Directive that apply to them.
3.2.2.Before commencing manufacture, the manufacturer shall provide a notified body of his choice with all necessary information, and in particular:

the technical documentation, which shall also include:

  • the certificates relating to the suitable qualification of the welding operations and of the welders or welding operators,

  • the inspection slip for the materials used in the manufacture of parts and components contributing to the strength of the vessel,

  • a report on the examinations and tests performed;


the EU-type examination certificate;


a document describing the manufacturing processes and all of the predetermined systematic measures taken to ensure conformity of the vessels with the type described in the EU-type examination certificate.

The notified body shall, before the date on which any manufacture begins, examine those documents in order to certify their conformity with the EU-type examination certificate.

3.2.3.The document referred to in point (c) of point 3.2.2 shall include:

a description of the means of manufacture and checking appropriate to the construction of the vessels;


an inspection document describing the appropriate examinations and tests to be carried out during manufacture, together with the procedures in respect thereof and the frequency with which they are to be performed;


an undertaking to carry out the examinations and tests in accordance with the inspection document and to have a hydrostatic test or, subject to the agreement of the Member State, a pneumatic test carried out on each vessel manufactured at a test pressure equal to 1,5 times the design pressure; those examinations and tests shall be carried out under the responsibility of qualified staff who are independent from production personnel, and shall be the subject of a report;


the addresses of the places of manufacture and storage and the date on which manufacture is to commence.