CHAPTER I Social and other specific services

Article 91Award of contracts for social and other specific services

Contracts for social and other specific services, listed in Annex XVII shall be awarded in accordance with this Chapter where the value of the contracts is equal to or greater than the threshold indicated in point (c) Article 15.

Article 92Publication of notices

1.Contracting entities intending to award a contract for the services referred to in Article 91 shall make known their intention by any of the following means:


by means of a contract notice; or


by means of a periodic indicative notice, which shall be published continuously. The periodic indicative notice shall refer specifically to the types of services that will be the subject of the contracts to be awarded. It shall indicate that the contracts will be awarded without further publication and invite interested economic operators to express their interest in writing; or


by means of a notice on the existence of a qualification system, which shall be published continuously.

The first subparagraph shall, however, not apply where a negotiated procedure without prior call for competition could have been used in conformity with Article 50 for the award of a service contract.

2.Contracting entities that have awarded a contract for the services referred to in Article 91 shall make known the results by means of contract award notice. They may, however, group such notices on a quarterly basis. In that case, they shall send the grouped notices within 30 days of the end of each quarter.

3.The notices referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall contain the information referred to in Annex XVIII, respectively in parts A, B, C or D, in accordance with the standard model notices. The Commission shall establish the standard forms by means of implementing acts. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the advisory procedure referred to in Article 105.

4.The notices referred to in this Article shall be published in accordance with Article 71.

Article 93Principles of awarding contracts

1.Member States shall put in place national rules for the award of contracts subject to this Chapter, in order to ensure contracting entities comply with the principles of transparency and equal treatment of economic operators. Member States are free to determine the procedural rules applicable as long as such rules allow contracting entities to take into account the specificities of the services in question.

2.Member States shall ensure that contracting entities may take into account the need to ensure quality, continuity, accessibility, affordability, availability and comprehensiveness of the services, the specific needs of different categories of users, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, the involvement and empowerment of users and innovation. Member States may also provide that the choice of the service provider shall be made on the basis of the tender presenting the best price-quality ratio, taking into account quality and sustainability criteria for social services.

Article 94Reserved contracts for certain services

1.Member States may provide that contracting entities which are contracting authorities may reserve the right for organisations to participate in procedures for the award of public contracts exclusively for those health, social and cultural services referred to in Article 91, which are covered by CPV codes 75121000-0, 75122000-7, 75123000-4, 79622000-0, 79624000-4, 79625000-1, 80110000-8, 80300000-7, 80420000-4, 80430000-7, 80511000-9, 80520000-5, 80590000-6, from 85000000-9 to 85323000-9, 92500000-6, 92600000-7, 98133000-4, 98133110-8.

2.An organisation referred to in paragraph 1 shall fulfil all of the following conditions:


its objective is the pursuit of a public service mission linked to the delivery of the services referred to in paragraph 1;


profits are reinvested with a view to achieving the organisation’s objective. Where profits are distributed or redistributed, this should be based on participatory considerations;


the structures of management or ownership of the organisation performing the contract are based on employee ownership or participatory principles, or require the active participation of employees, users or stakeholders; and


the organisation has not been awarded a contract for the services concerned by the contracting authority concerned pursuant to this Article within the past three years.

3.The maximum duration of the contract shall not be longer than three years.

4.The call for competition shall make reference to this Article.

5.Notwithstanding Article 108, the Commission shall assess the effects of this Article and report to the European Parliament and the Council by 18 April 2019.