I. Information for publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (1)

1.Name, identification number (where provided for in national legislation), address including NUTS code, telephone, fax number, e-mail and internet address of the contracting entity and, where different, of the service from which additional information may be obtained.
2.Main activity exercised.
3.Nature of the contract (supplies, works or services and CPV codes; where appropriate state if it is a framework agreement).
4.At least a summary indication of the nature and quantity of the products, works or services provided.
6.Procurement procedure (open, restricted or negotiated).
7.Number of tenders received, specifying

number of tenders received from economic operators which are SMEs,


number of tenders received from abroad,


number of tenders received electronically.

In the case of multiple awards (lots, multiple framework agreements), this information shall be given for each award.

8.Date of the conclusion of the contract(s) or of the framework agreement(s) following the decision to award or conclude it/them.
9.Price paid for bargain purchases pursuant to Article 50(h).
10.For each award, name, address including NUTS code, telephone, fax number, e-mail address and internet address of the successful tenderer(s) including:

information whether the successful tenderer is an SME,


information whether the contract was awarded to a consortium.

11.State, where appropriate, whether the contract has been, or may be, subcontracted.
12.Price paid or the prices of the highest and lowest tenders taken into account in the award of the contract.
13.Name and address of the body responsible for the appeal and, where appropriate, mediation procedures. Precise information concerning the time limit for lodging appeals, or, if need be, the name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the service from which this information may be obtained.
14.Optional information:

II. Information not intended for publication

15.Number of contracts awarded (where an award has been split between several suppliers).
16.Value of each contract awarded.
17.Country of origin of the product or service (Community origin or non-Community origin; if the latter, broken down by third country).
18.Which award criteria were used?
19.Was the contract awarded to a tenderer who submitted a variant, in accordance with Article 64(1)?
20.Were any tenders excluded on the grounds that they were abnormally low, in accordance with Article 84?
21.Date of transmission of the notice by the contracting entity.

Information in headings 6, 9 and 11 is deemed information not intended for publication where the awarding entity considers that publication thereof might be detrimental to a sensitive commercial interest.