INFORMATION TO BE INCLUDED IN THE NOTICE ON THE EXISTENCE OF A QUALIFICATION SYSTEM (as referred to in point (b) of Article 44(4) and in Article 68)

1.Name, identification number (where provided for in national legislation), address including NUTS code, telephone, fax number, e-mail and internet address of the contracting entity and, where different, of the service from which additional information may be obtained.

2.Main activity exercised.

3.Where appropriate, state whether the contract is reserved for sheltered workshops or whether its performance is reserved in the context of sheltered employment programmes.

4.Purpose of the qualification system (description of the products, services or works or categories thereof to be procured through the system — CPV codes). NUTS code for the main location of works in case of works or NUTS code for the main place of delivery or performance in supplies and service.

5.Conditions to be fulfilled by the economic operators in view of their qualification pursuant to the system and the methods according to which each of those conditions will be verified. Where the description of such conditions and verification methods is voluminous and based on documents available to interested economic operators, a summary of the main conditions and methods and a reference to those documents shall be sufficient.

6.Period of validity of the qualification system and the formalities for its renewal.

7.Reference to the fact that the notice acts as the call for competition.

8.Address where further information and documentation concerning the qualification system can be obtained (where different from the addresses mentioned under point (1).

9.Name and address of the body responsible for appeal and, where appropriate, mediation procedures. Precise information concerning time limits for lodging appeals, or, if need be, the name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the service from which this information may be obtained.

10.Where known, criteria referred to in Article 82 to be used for award of the contract. Except where the most economically advantageous tender is identified on the basis of price alone, criteria representing the most economically advantageous tender as well as their weighting or, where appropriate, the order of importance of those criteria, shall be mentioned where they do not appear in the specifications or will not be indicated in the invitation to tender or to negotiate.

11.Where appropriate, indication whether:


electronic submission of tenders or requests to participate will be required/accepted,


electronic ordering will be used,


electronic invoicing will be used,


electronic payment will be accepted.

12.Any other relevant information.