1. Publication of notices

The notices referred to in Articles 67, 68, 69, 70, 92 and 96 must be sent by the contracting entities to the Publications Office of the European Union and published in accordance with the following rules:


Notices referred to in Articles 67, 68, 69, 70, 92 and 96 shall be published by the Publications Office of the European Union or by the contracting entities in the event of a periodic indicative notice published on a buyer profile in accordance with Article 67(1).

In addition, contracting entities may publish this information on the internet on a ‘buyer profile’ as referred to in point 2(b) below;


The Publications Office of the European Union will give the contracting entity the confirmation referred to in the second subparagraph of Article 71(5).

2. Publication of complementary or additional information

(a)Except where otherwise provided for in the third and fourth subparagraph of Article 73(1), contracting entities shall publish the procurement documents in their entirety on the internet;

(b)The buyer profile may include periodic indicative notices as referred to in Article 67(1), information on ongoing invitations to tender, scheduled purchases, contracts concluded, procedures cancelled and any useful general information, such as a contact point, a telephone and a fax number, a postal address and an e-mail address. The buyer profile may also include periodic indicative notices used as a means of calling for competition, which are published at national level pursuant to Article 72.

3. Format and procedures for the electronic transmission of notices

The format and procedure for sending notices electronically as established by the Commission are made accessible at the internet address http://simap.eu.int