ANNEX IVActivities related to the categories of professional experience referred to in Articles 17, 18 and 19

List IIIDirectives 64/222/EEC, 68/364/EEC, 68/368/EEC, 75/368/EEC, 75/369/EEC, 70/523/EEC and 82/470/EEC

4Directive 75/368/EEC (Article 7)

All the activities in the Annex to Directive 75/368/EEC, except the activities listed in Article 5(1) of this Directive (List II, point 1, of this Annex).

ISIC nomenclature

ex 62Banks and other financial institutions
ex 620Patent buying and licensing companies
ex 71Transport
ex 713Road passenger transport, excluding transportation by means of motor vehicles
ex 719Transportation by pipelines of liquid hydrocarbons and other liquid chemical products
ex 82Community services
827Libraries, museums, botanical and zoological gardens
ex 84Recreation services

Recreation services not elsewhere classified:

  • Sporting activities (sports grounds, organising sporting fixtures, etc.), except the activities of sports instructors

  • Games (racing stables, areas for games, racecourses, etc.)

  • Other recreation services (circuses, amusement parks and other entertainment)

ex 85Personal services
ex 851Domestic services
ex 855Beauty parlours and services of manicurists, excluding services of chiropodists and professional beauticians' and hairdressers' training schools
ex 859

Personal services not elsewhere classified, except sports and paramedical masseurs and mountain guides, divided into the following groups:

  • Disinfecting and pest control

  • Hiring of clothes and storage facilities

  • Marriage bureaux and similar services

  • Astrology, fortune telling and the like

  • Sanitary services and associated activities

  • Undertaking and cemetery maintenance

  • Couriers and interpreter-guides