ANNEX IVActivities related to the categories of professional experience referred to in Articles 17, 18 and 19

List IMajor groups covered by Directive 64/427/EEC, as amended by Directive 69/77/EEC, and by Directives 68/366/EEC and 82/489/EEC

1Directive 64/427/EEC

(liberalisation Directive 64/429/EEC)

NICE nomenclature (corresponding to ISIC major groups 23 to 40)

Major group23Manufacture of textiles
232Manufacturing and processing of textile materials on woollen machinery
233Manufacturing and processing of textile materials on cotton machinery
234Manufacturing and processing of textile materials on silk machinery
235Manufacturing and processing of textile materials on flax and hemp machinery
236Other textile fibre industries (jute, hard fibres, etc.), cordage
237Manufacture of knitted and crocheted goods
238Textile finishing
239Other textile industries
Major group24Manufacture of footwear, other wearing apparel and bedding
241Machine manufacture of footwear (except from rubber or wood)
242Manufacture by hand and repair of footwear
243Manufacture of wearing apparel (except furs)
244Manufacture of mattresses and bedding
245Skin and fur industries
Major group25Manufactures of wood and cork, except manufacture of furniture
251Sawing and industrial preparation of wood
252Manufacture of semi-finished wood products
253Series production of wooden building components including flooring
254Manufacture of wooden containers
255Manufacture of other wooden products (except furniture)
259Manufacture of straw, cork, basketware, wicker-work and rattan products; brush-making
Major group26260 Manufacture of wooden furniture
Major group27Manufacture of paper and paper products
271Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
272Processing of paper and paperboard, and manufacture of articles of pulp
Major group28280 Printing, publishing and allied industries
Major group29Leather industry
291Tanneries and leather finishing plants
292Manufacture of leather products
ex major group30Manufacture of rubber and plastic products, man-made fibres and starch products
301Processing of rubber and asbestos
302Processing of plastic materials
303Production of man-made fibres
ex major group31Chemical industry
311Manufacture of chemical base materials and further processing of such materials
312Specialised manufacture of chemical products principally for industrial and agricultural purposes (including the manufacture for industrial use of fats and oils of vegetable or animal origin falling within ISIC group 312)
313Specialised manufacture of chemical products principally for domestic or office use [excluding the manufacture of medicinal and pharmaceutical products (ex ISIC group 319)]
Major group32320 Petroleum industry
Major group33Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products
331Manufacture of structural clay products
332Manufacture of glass and glass products
333Manufacture of ceramic products, including refractory goods
334Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
335Manufacture of structural material, in concrete, cement and plaster
339Stone working and manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
Major group34Production and primary transformation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
341Iron and steel industry (as defined in the ECSC treaty, including integrated steelworks-owned coking plants)
342Manufacture of steel tubes
343Wire-drawing, cold-drawing, cold-rolling of strip, cold-forming
344Production and primary transformation of non-ferrous metals
345Ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundries
Major group35Manufacture of metal products (except machinery and transport equipment)
351Forging, heavy stamping and heavy pressing
352Secondary transformation and surface-treatment
353Metal structures
354Boilermaking, manufacture of industrial hollow-ware
355Manufacture of tools and implements and finished articles of metal (except electrical equipment)
359Ancillary mechanical engineering activities
Major group36Manufacture of machinery other than electrical machinery
361Manufacture of agricultural machinery and tractors
362Manufacture of office machinery
363Manufacture of metal-working and other machine-tools and fixtures and attachments for these and for other powered tools
364Manufacture of textile machinery and accessories, manufacture of sewing machines
365Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the food-manufacturing and beverage industries and for the chemical and allied industries
366Manufacture of plant and equipment for mines, iron and steel works foundries, and for the construction industry; manufacture of mechanical handling equipment
367Manufacture of transmission equipment
368Manufacture of machinery for other specific industrial purposes
369Manufacture of other non-electrical machinery and equipment
Major group37Electrical engineering
371Manufacture of electric wiring and cables
372Manufacture of motors, generators, transformers, switchgear, and other similar equipment for the provision of electric power
373Manufacture of electrical equipment for direct commercial use
374Manufacture of telecommunications equipment, meters, other measuring appliances and electromedical equipment
375Manufacture of electronic equipment, radio and television receivers, audio equipment
376Manufacture of electric appliances for domestic use
377Manufacture of lamps and lighting equipment
378Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
379Repair, assembly, and specialist installation of electrical equipment
ex major group38Manufacture of transport equipment
383Manufacture of motor vehicles and parts thereof
384Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and cycles
385Manufacture of motorcycles, cycles and parts thereof
389Manufacture of transport equipment not elsewhere classified
Major group39Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
391Manufacture of precision instruments, and measuring and controlling instruments
392Manufacture of medico-surgical instruments and equipment and orthopaedic appliances (except orthopaedic footwear)
393Manufacture of photographic and optical equipment
394Manufacture and repair of watches and clocks
395Jewellery and precious metal manufacturing
396Manufacture and repair of musical instruments
397Manufacture of games, toys, sporting and athletic goods
399Other manufacturing industries
Major group40Construction
400Construction (non-specialised); demolition
401Construction of buildings (dwellings or other)
402Civil engineering; building of roads, bridges, railways, etc.
403Installation work
404Decorating and finishing

2Directive 68/366/EEC

(liberalisation Directive 68/365/EEC)

NICE nomenclature

Major group20A200 Industries producing animal and vegetable fats and oils
20BFood manufacturing industries (excluding the beverage industry)
201Slaughtering, preparation and preserving of meat
202Milk and milk products industry
203Canning and preserving of fruits and vegetables
204Canning and preserving of fish and other sea foods
205Manufacture of grain mill products
206Manufacture of bakery products, including rusks and biscuits
207Sugar industry
208Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
209Manufacture of miscellaneous food products
Major group21Beverage industry
211Production of ethyl alcohol by fermentation, production of yeasts and spirits
212Production of wine and other unmalted alcoholic beverages
213Brewing and malting
214Soft drinks and carbonated water industries
ex 30Manufacture of rubber products, plastic materials, artificial and synthetic fibres and starch products
304Manufacture of starch products

3Directive 82/489/EEC

ISIC nomenclature

ex 855hairdressing establishments (excluding chiropodists' activities and beauticians' training schools)

List IIMajor groups of Directives 75/368/EEC, 75/369/EEC and 82/470/EEC

1Directive 75/368/EEC (activities referred to in Article 5(1))

ISIC nomenclature

ex 04Fishing
043Inland water fishing
ex 38Manufacture of transport equipment
381Shipbuilding and repairing
382Manufacture of railroad equipment
386Manufacture of aircraft (including space equipment)
ex 71Activities allied to transport and activities other than transport coming under the following groups:
ex 711Sleeping- and dining-car services; maintenance of railway stock in repair sheds; cleaning of carriages
ex 712Maintenance of stock for urban, suburban and interurban passenger transport
ex 713Maintenance of stock for other passenger land transport (such as motor cars, coaches, taxis)
ex 714Operation and maintenance of services in support of road transport (such as roads, tunnels and toll-bridges, goods depots, car parks, bus and tram depots)
ex 716Activities allied to inland water transport (such as operation and maintenance of waterways, ports and other installations for inland water transport; tug and piloting services in ports, setting of buoys, loading and unloading of vessels and other similar activities, such as salvaging of vessels, towing and the operation of boathouses)
73Communications: postal services and telecommunications
ex 85Personal services
854Laundries and laundry services, dry-cleaning and dyeing
ex 856Photographic studios: portrait and commercial photography, except journalistic photographers
ex 859Personal services not elsewhere classified (only maintenance and cleaning of buildings or accommodation)

2Directive 75/369/EEC (Article 6: where the activity is regarded as being of an industrial or small craft nature)

ISIC nomenclature

The following itinerant activities:


the buying and selling of goods:

  • by itinerant tradesmen, hawkers or pedlars (ex ISIC Group 612)

  • in covered markets other than from permanently fixed installations and in open-air markets.


activities covered by transitional measures already adopted that expressly exclude or do not mention the pursuit of such activities on an itinerant basis.

3Directive 82/470/EEC (Article 6(1) and (3))

Groups 718 and 720 of the ISIC nomenclature

The activities comprise in particular:

List IIIDirectives 64/222/EEC, 68/364/EEC, 68/368/EEC, 75/368/EEC, 75/369/EEC, 70/523/EEC and 82/470/EEC

1Directive 64/222/EEC

(liberalisation Directives 64/223/EEC and 64/224/EEC)


Activities of self-employed persons in wholesale trade, with the exception of wholesale trade in medicinal and pharmaceutical products, in toxic products and pathogens and in coal (ex Group 611).


Professional activities of an intermediary who is empowered and instructed by one or more persons to negotiate or enter into commercial transactions in the name of and on behalf of those persons.


Professional activities of an intermediary who, while not being permanently so instructed, brings together persons wishing to contract directly with one another or arranges their commercial transactions or assists in the completion thereof.


Professional activities of an intermediary who enters into commercial transactions in his own name on behalf of others.


Professional activities of an intermediary who carries out wholesale selling by auction on behalf of others.


Professional activities of an intermediary who goes from door to door seeking orders.


Provision of services, by way of professional activities, by an intermediary in the employment of one or more commercial, industrial or small craft undertakings.

2Directive 68/364/EEC

(liberalisation Directive 68/363/EEC)

ISIC ex Group 612: Retail trade

Activities excluded:

012Letting out for hire of farm machinery
640Real estate, letting of property
713Letting out for hire of automobiles, carriages and horses
718Letting out for hire of railway carriages and wagons
839Renting of machinery to commercial undertakings
841Booking of cinema seats and renting of cinematograph films
842Booking of theatre seats and renting of theatrical equipment
843Letting out for hire of boats, bicycles, coin-operated machines for games of skill or chance
853Letting of furnished rooms
854Laundered linen hire
859Garment hire

3Directive 68/368/EEC

(liberalisation Directive 68/367/EEC)

ISIC nomenclature

ISIC ex major Group 85

1.Restaurants, cafes, taverns and other drinking and eating places (ISIC Group 852).
2.Hotels, rooming houses, camps and other lodging places (ISIC Group 853).

4Directive 75/368/EEC (Article 7)

All the activities in the Annex to Directive 75/368/EEC, except the activities listed in Article 5(1) of this Directive (List II, point 1, of this Annex).

ISIC nomenclature

ex 62Banks and other financial institutions
ex 620Patent buying and licensing companies
ex 71Transport
ex 713Road passenger transport, excluding transportation by means of motor vehicles
ex 719Transportation by pipelines of liquid hydrocarbons and other liquid chemical products
ex 82Community services
827Libraries, museums, botanical and zoological gardens
ex 84Recreation services

Recreation services not elsewhere classified:

  • Sporting activities (sports grounds, organising sporting fixtures, etc.), except the activities of sports instructors

  • Games (racing stables, areas for games, racecourses, etc.)

  • Other recreation services (circuses, amusement parks and other entertainment)

ex 85Personal services
ex 851Domestic services
ex 855Beauty parlours and services of manicurists, excluding services of chiropodists and professional beauticians' and hairdressers' training schools
ex 859

Personal services not elsewhere classified, except sports and paramedical masseurs and mountain guides, divided into the following groups:

  • Disinfecting and pest control

  • Hiring of clothes and storage facilities

  • Marriage bureaux and similar services

  • Astrology, fortune telling and the like

  • Sanitary services and associated activities

  • Undertaking and cemetery maintenance

  • Couriers and interpreter-guides

5Directive 75/369/EEC (Article 5)

The following itinerant activities:


the buying and selling of goods:

  • by itinerant tradesmen, hawkers or pedlars (ex ISIC Group 612)

  • in covered markets other than from permanently fixed installations and in open-air markets


activities covered by transitional measures already adopted that expressly exclude or do not mention the pursuit of such activities on an itinerant basis.

6Directive 70/523/EEC

Activities of self-employed persons in the wholesale coal trade and activities of intermediaries in the coal trade (ex Group 6112, ISIC nomenclature)

7Directive 82/470/EEC (Article 6(2))

(Activities listed in Article 2(A)(c) and (e), (B)(b), (C) and (D))

These activities comprise in particular: