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Article 2U.K.+E.U.

For the purpose of this Directive:


Asbestos means the following fibrous silicates:

  • crocidolite (blue asbestos),

  • actinolite,

  • anthophyllite,

  • chrysotile (white asbestos),

  • amosite (brown asbestos),

  • tremolite.


Raw asbestos means:

the product resulting from the primary crushing of asbestos ore.


Use of asbestos means:

activities which involve the handling of a quantity of more than 100 kilograms of raw asbestos per year and which concern:


the production of raw asbestos ore excluding any process directly associated with the mining of the ore, and/or


the manufacturing and industrial finishing of the following products using raw asbestos: asbestos cement or asbestos-cement products, asbestos friction products, asbestos filters, asbestos textiles, asbestos paper and card, asbestos jointing, packaging and reinforcement materials, asbestos floor coverings, asbestos fillers.


Working of products containing asbestos means:

activities other than the use of asbestos, which are liable to release asbestos into the environment.


Waste means:

any substance or object as defined in Article 1 of Directive 75/442/EEC(1).