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Article 5U.K.+E.U.National Contact Points

1.Each Member State shall designate one entity which shall act as its National Contact Point. In order to facilitate the work of the EMN and to ensure the achievement of its objectives, Member States shall take into account, when necessary, the need for a coordination between their representative in the Steering Board and their National Contact Point.

2.The National Contact Point shall be composed of at least three experts. One of these experts, who shall act as the national coordinator, shall be an official or employee of the entity so designated. The remaining experts may come from either the same entity, or from other national and international public or private organisations based in the Member State.

3.The experts of each National Contact Point shall collectively have expertise in the area of asylum and migration, covering aspects of policymaking, law, research and statistics.

4.Member States shall inform the Commission, no later than three months after the entry into force of this Decision, which experts comprise their National Contact Point, specifying how the latter respond to the requirements set out in paragraph 3.

5.The National Contact Points shall carry out the tasks of the EMN at national level and in particular:


provide national reports, including the reports referred to in Article 9;


contribute with national information to the information exchange system referred to in Article 8;


develop a capacity to issue ad-hoc requests and to respond quickly to such requests from other National Contact Points;


establish a national migration network, composed of a wide-range of organisations and individuals active in the area of migration and asylum and representing relevant stakeholders. Members of the national migration network may be requested to contribute to the activities of the EMN, in particular with regard to Articles 8 and 9.

6.The experts of each National Contact Point shall meet regularly to discuss its work, including, as appropriate, with members of the respective national migration networks referred to in paragraph 5(d), and to exchange information about ongoing and future activities.