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Article 3U.K.+E.U.Specific objective

The programme shall have the specific objective of contributing to the prevention of, and the fight against, all forms of violence occurring in the public or the private domain against children, young people and women, including sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings, by taking preventive measures and by providing support and protection for victims and groups at risk. This shall be achieved by means of the following transnational actions, or other types of actions as referred to in Article 4:


assisting and encouraging non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other organisations active in this field, as referred to in Article 7;


developing and implementing awareness-raising actions targeting specific audiences, such as specific professions, competent authorities, identified sectors of the general public and groups at risk, with a view both to improving understanding of and promoting the adoption of zero tolerance towards violence, and to encouraging support for victims and the reporting of incidences of violence to the competent authorities;


disseminating the results obtained under the Daphne and Daphne II programmes, including their adaptation, transfer and use by other beneficiaries or in other geographical areas;


identifying and enhancing actions contributing to positive treatment of people at risk of violence, namely following an approach that encourages respect for them and promotes their well-being and self-fulfilment;


setting up and supporting multidisciplinary networks with a view to strengthening cooperation between NGOs and other organisations active in this field;


ensuring the expansion of evidence-based information and the knowledge base, the exchange, identification and dissemination of information and good practice, including through research, training, study visits and staff exchange;


designing and testing awareness-raising and educational materials regarding the prevention of violence against children, young people and women, and supplementing and adapting those already available for use in other geographical areas or for other target groups;


studying phenomena related to violence and its impact, both on victims and on society as a whole, including the health-care, social and economic costs, in order to address the root causes of violence at all levels of society;


developing and implementing support programmes for victims and people at risk and intervention programmes for perpetrators, whilst ensuring the safety of victims.