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3.The treatments set out in Part 4 of Annex II shall constitute the minimum acceptable processing conditions for animal health purposes for meat products and stomachs, bladders and intestines derived from the relevant species or animal originating in the third countries or parts thereof listed in Annex II.U.K.+E.U.

However, in cases where import of offal is not authorised under Decision 79/542/EEC owing to Community animal health restrictions, it may be imported as a meat product or treated stomach, intestine or bladder or used in a meat product provided the relevant treatment referred to in Part 2 of Annex II is carried out and the Community public health requirements are fulfilled.

In addition, an establishment from a country listed in Annex II may be authorised to produce meat products and treated stomachs, bladders and intestines that have undergone treatments B, C or D, as referred to in Part 4 of Annex II, even where that establishment is located in a third country or part thereof that is not authorised for imports into the Community of fresh meat under the condition that the Community public health requirements are fulfilled.