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This page describes the formats that are currently available within Legislation API. Although only a few formats are available at the moment, we intend to make legislation content including metadata and the results of searches, available in a variety of different formats so that you can pick one that suits your needs. The available formats, their mime type and the filename used within the representation URI for the document are listed in the following table.

Format Mime Type Filename
XML application/xml or text/xml data.xml
HTML application/xhtml+xml data.rdf
RDF/XML application/rdf+xml data.rdf
Atom application/atom+xml data.feed


We provide the content of legislation in XML format using a Legislation Schema that includes both metadata and the content of legislation. The Legislation Schema uses Dublin Core for metadata, XHTML for tables and MathML for formulae.

Both the table of contents and the full content of the legislation includes links to other parts of the legislation. The IdURI attribute provides the identifier URI for the section. This URI identifies the section, but not the particular version that should be linked to from the view of the legislation that you are looking at. The DocumentURI attribute provides the document URI for the section, which includes any selected extent and the currently viewed version.



HTML Format

We provide the content of sections and tables of contents in a ready-transformed HTML format that is suitable for embedding within a web page. These HTML snippets are only available through their representation URI and not through content negotiation.



We are publishing RDF about the legislation that is provided here using the vocabularies:

Vocabulary Prefix Namespace
RDF Schema rdfs
OWL owl
Dublin Core Terms dct
FOAF foaf
XHTML Vocabulary xhv
FRBR frbr
Metalex metalex

We are using these vocabularies because they will provide high recognition and ability for reuse without developers having to understand a specific legislation ontology. We do intend to use a specific legislation ontology in addition.


Atom Feeds

We provide lists of legislation in Atom.