1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1

    1. 1.Citation, commencement and interpretation

    2. 2.Rules not overriding enactments

    3. 3.Overriding objective and parties’ obligation to co-operate with the Tribunal

    4. 4.Alternative dispute resolution and arbitration

  3. PART 2

    1. 5.Delegation to staff

    2. 6.Case management powers

    3. 7.Procedure for applying for and giving directions

    4. 8.Failure to comply with rules, practice directions or Tribunal directions

    5. 9.Striking out a party’s case

    6. 10.Addition, substitution and removal of parties

    7. 11.Fees: non-payment

    8. 12.Security for costs

    9. 13.Orders for costs, reimbursement of fees and interest on costs

    10. 14.Representatives

    11. 15.Calculating time

    12. 16.Provision of documents

    13. 17.Prevention of disclosure or publication of documents and information

    14. 18.Disclosure, evidence and submissions

    15. 19.Expert evidence

    16. 20.Summoning of witnesses and orders to answer questions or produce documents

    17. 21.Site inspections

    18. 22.Withdrawal

    19. 23.Lead cases

    20. 24.Subsequent applications related to lead case

    21. 25.Transfer of case to the Upper Tribunal

  4. PART 3 etc

    1. 26.Starting proceedings

    2. 27.Time limits

    3. 28.Referred and transferred cases

    4. 29.Notice to respondents, interested persons and other persons

    5. 30.The response

  5. PART 4

    1. 31.Decision with or without a hearing

    2. 32.Notice of hearings

    3. 33.Public and private hearings

    4. 34.Hearings in a party’s absence

    5. 35.Consent orders

    6. 36.Decisions

  6. PART 5

    1. CHAPTER 1 etc

      1. 37.Consideration of direction to commence court proceedings under section 110(1) of the 2002 LR Act

      2. 38.Notification relevant to related court proceedings

      3. 39.Stay of Tribunal proceedings following a direction relating to the whole or part of a matter

      4. 40.Requirements directed to the registrar

    2. CHAPTER 2

      1. 41.Succession cases

      2. 42.Procedure at hearing in case of multiple applicants where designation is claimed

      3. 43.Multiple applications under the 1986 Act where there is no designated applicant

    3. CHAPTER 3 etc

      1. 44.Urgent IMO authorisation applications

      2. 45.Urgent sale or gift of a mobile home applications

      3. 46.Procedure in urgent cases

      4. 47.Interim orders

      5. 48.Detrimental effect of mobile homes on the amenity of the site applications

  7. PART 6

    1. 49.Interpretation

    2. 50.Clerical mistakes and accidental slips or omissions

    3. 51.Setting aside a decision which disposes of proceedings

    4. 52.Application for permission to appeal

    5. 53.Tribunal’s consideration of application for permission to appeal

    6. 54.Stay pending appeal to the Upper Tribunal

    7. 55.Review of a decision

    8. 56.Power to treat an application about a decision as a different type of application

  8. Signature

  9. Explanatory Note