1.  Name, sex, date and place of birth and address.

2.  Whether the child’s father was married to his mother at the time of birth or subsequently. If they have not married, whether he has any parental responsibilities and rights through an order or an agreement.

3.  Nationality and race.

4.  Physical description.

5.  Details of any court orders relating to the child, including residence, maintenance, or parental contact or court orders awarding or depriving any person of the parental responsibilities or rights in respect of the child.

6.  Details of any current or previous supervision requirements relating to the child imposed by children’s hearings.

7.  Details of any brothers and sisters, including dates of birth, addresses, arrangements in respect of residence and contact and whether any brother or sister is also being considered for adoption and, if so, whether it would be in the child’s interests to place them together.

8.  Extent of contact by all members of the child’s birth family, including his father even if he is not married to the mother, and details of any court orders relating to contact.

9.  Religious persuasion of the child including details of any baptism, confirmation or equivalent ceremonies and level of current religious observance.

10.  Personality and social development.

11.  If the child has been looked after by a local authority details (including dates) of placements, including particulars of the persons with whom the child has had his home and observations on the care provided.

12.  Names and addresses of schools attended and educational attainments.

13.  Any special needs in relation to the physical or mental health of the child and his emotional and behavioural development, and whether he is the subject of a record of special educational needs under the Education (Scotland) Act 1980(1).

14.  The child’s views in relation to adoption and, if relevant, an application under section 18 of the Act taking into account his age and maturity, including any wishes in respect of his religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background.

15.  Whether the child has any right to or interest in any property.

16.  Whether an insurance policy for the payment on the death of the child of money for funeral expenses has been effected.

17.  A comprehensive medical report signed by a fully registered medical practitioner, including such details as the medical adviser to the adoption agency considers necessary in the circumstances of the child.

18.  Any other relevant information which the adoption agency considers may assist the panel.