THIRD SCHEDULEAdministrative Provisions as to Probation


7The Secretary of State may make rules—

(a)regulating the constitution, procedure, powers and duties of probation committees and case committees and the appointment and tenure of office of the members thereof;

(b)regulating the qualifications, manner of appointment, conditions of service and duties of probation officers;

(c)fixing scales of salaries and remuneration of salaried probation officers, and of expenses to be allowed to salaried and voluntary probation officers;

(d)regulating the expenditure which may be incurred by probation and case committees and the manner in which such expenditure is to be defrayed;

(e)requiring probation committees to furnish reports with respect to the work or duties of their probation officers;

(f)empowering local authorities to appoint the clerk and other officers (other than probation officers) of probation committees;

(g)for the auditing of the accounts of probation committees; and

(h)for prescribing anything else which under the provisions of this Schedule may be prescribed.

8In this Schedule—

the expressions " county " and " county council " mean, in the case of counties combined for the purposes mentioned in subsection (1) of section one hundred and eighteen of the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1947, the combined county and the joint county council;

the expression " local authority " means in the case of a large burgh, the town council and in the case of a county inclusive of any small burgh situate therein, the county council;

the expression " prescribed " means prescribed by rules made by the Secretary of State;

the expression " sheriff " does not include sheriff substitute.