XIXCertificates of Death of single or surviving Nominee to be produced to the said Officer, in order to enable the Person entitled to receive the Portion of the Annuity payable in that Event.

Provided always, and be it further enacted, That In all Cafes where upon the Death of any single Nominee, or of the Survivor of any Two joint Nominees, any Claim shall be preferred under the Provisions of this Act, for the Payment of a Sum equal to One-fourth Part of the Annuity depending upon his or her Life, the Person or Persons preferring such Claim shall produce to the Officer to be appointed as aforesaid a Certificate of the Death of such Nominee, specifying the Day on which he or she shall have died, together with an Affidavit in Proof of the Identity of such Nominee, to be respectively granted and taken by and before such and the like Persons as by this Act are authorized and empowered to grant Certificates, and to administer Affidavits in Proof of a Nominee being living on the Day on which any Half-yearly Payment of an Annuity dependant upon his or her Life became due, and such Officer mall thereupon grant to the Person producing the same a Certificate in the Form specified in the Schedule to this Act annexed marked (G.), and upon the said. Certificate being produced to and lodged with the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, they are hereby authorized and required to make such Payment to the Person or Persons entitled thereto.