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Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

Changes to legislation:

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Changes to Legislation

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  1. Introductory Text

  2. Introductory

    1. 1.Overview

  3. Psychoactive substances

    1. 2.Meaning of “psychoactive substance” etc

    2. 3.Exempted substances

  4. Offences

    1. 4.Producing a psychoactive substance

    2. 5.Supplying, or offering to supply, a psychoactive substance

    3. 6.Aggravation of offence under section 5

    4. 7.Possession of psychoactive substance with intent to supply

    5. 8.Importing or exporting a psychoactive substance

    6. 9.Possession of a psychoactive substance in a custodial institution

    7. 10.Penalties

    8. 11.Exceptions to offences

  5. Powers for dealing with prohibited activities

    1. 12.Meaning of “prohibited activity”

    2. 13.Prohibition notices

    3. 14.Premises notices

    4. 15.Prohibition notices and premises notices: supplementary

    5. 16.Further provision about giving notices under sections 13 to 15

    6. 17.Meaning of “prohibition order”

    7. 18.Prohibition orders on application

    8. 19.Prohibition orders following conviction

    9. 20.Premises orders

    10. 21.Applications for prohibition orders and premises orders

    11. 22.Provision that may be made by prohibition orders and premises orders

    12. 23.Enforcement of access prohibitions

    13. 24.Access prohibitions: reimbursement of costs

    14. 25.Access prohibitions: exemption from liability

    15. 26.Offence of failing to comply with a prohibition order or premises order

    16. 27.Offence of failing to comply with an access prohibition, etc

    17. 28.Variation and discharge on application

    18. 29.Variation following conviction

    19. 30.Appeals against making of prohibition orders and premises orders

    20. 31.Appeals about variation and discharge

    21. 32.Nature of proceedings under sections 19 and 29, etc

    22. 33.Special measures for witnesses: England and Wales

    23. 34.Special measures for witnesses: Northern Ireland

    24. 35.Transfer of proceedings from youth court

  6. Powers of entry, search and seizure

    1. 36.Power to stop and search persons

    2. 37.Power to enter and search vehicles

    3. 38.Power to board and search vessels or aircraft

    4. 39.Power to enter and search premises

    5. 40.Further provision about search warrants

    6. 41.Powers of examination, etc

    7. 42.Power to require production of documents, etc

    8. 43.Powers of seizure, etc

    9. 44.Excluded items

    10. 45.Further provision about seizure under section 43

    11. 46.Notices and records in relation to seized items

    12. 47.Powers of entry, search and seizure: supplementary provision

    13. 48.Offences in relation to enforcement officers

  7. Retention and disposal of items

    1. 49.Retention of seized items

    2. 50.Power of police, etc to dispose of seized psychoactive substances

    3. 51.Forfeiture of seized items by court on application

    4. 52.Appeal against decision under section 51

    5. 53.Return of item to person entitled to it, or disposal if return impracticable

    6. 54.Forfeiture by court following conviction

  8. Supplementary and final provisions

    1. 55.Application of Customs and Excise Management Act 1979

    2. 56.Offences by directors, partners, etc

    3. 57.Providers of information society services

    4. 58.Review

    5. 59.Interpretation

    6. 60.Consequential amendments

    7. 61.Power to make further consequential amendments

    8. 62.Extent

    9. 63.Commencement and short title


    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. Controlled drugs

        1. 1.Controlled drugs (within the meaning of the Misuse of Drugs...

      2. Medicinal products

        1. 2.Medicinal products. In this paragraph “medicinal product” has the same...

      3. Alcohol

        1. 3.Alcohol or alcoholic products. In this paragraph— “alcohol” means ethyl...

      4. Nicotine and tobacco products

        1. 4.Nicotine.

        2. 5.Tobacco products. In this paragraph “tobacco product” means—

      5. Caffeine

        1. 6.Caffeine or caffeine products. In this paragraph “caffeine product” means...

      6. Food

        1. 7.Any substance which— (a) is ordinarily consumed as food, and...

    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. Healthcare-related activities

        1. 1.Any activity carried on by a person who is a...

        2. 2.Any activity carried on for the purpose of, or in...

        3. 3.Any activity carried on in respect of an active substance...

      2. Research

        1. 4.Any activity carried on in the course of, or in...

    3. SCHEDULE 3



        1. 1.This Schedule applies to— (a) applications for search warrants made...


        1. Applications for warrants

          1. 2.(1) A person applying for a search warrant must—

        2. Safeguards in connection with power of entry conferred by warrant

          1. 3.A search warrant authorises entry on one occasion only, unless...

          2. 4.(1) A search warrant must— (a) specify the name of...

          3. 5.(1) Two copies must be made of a search warrant...


        1. Warrant to be executed within one month

          1. 6.Entry and search under a search warrant must be within...

        2. All-premises warrants

          1. 7.(1) In the case of an all-premises warrant, premises that...

        3. Search of premises more than once

          1. 8.(1) Premises may be entered or searched for the second...

        4. Time of search

          1. 9.Entry and search under a search warrant must be at...

        5. Evidence of authority etc

          1. 10.(1) Where the occupier of premises to be entered and...

        6. Extent of search

          1. 11.A search under a search warrant may only be a...

        7. Securing premises after entry

          1. 12.A relevant enforcement officer who enters premises under a search...

        8. Return and retention of warrant

          1. 13.(1) A search warrant must be returned to the appropriate...

    4. SCHEDULE 4



        1. Domestic service providers: extension of liability

          1. 1.(1) If— (a) a service provider established in a particular...

        2. Non-UK service providers: restriction on institution of proceedings

          1. 2.(1) Proceedings for an offence under section 5(2) may not...

        3. Exceptions for mere conduits

          1. 3.(1) A service provider does not commit an offence under...

        4. Exception for caching

          1. 4.(1) A service provider does not commit an offence under...

        5. Exception for hosting

          1. 5.(1) A service provider does not commit an offence under...


        1. Domestic service providers: extension of liability

          1. 6.(1) If— (a) a service provider established in a particular...

        2. Non-UK service providers: restriction on including terms in prohibition notice or order

          1. 7.(1) This paragraph applies where— (a) a person proposes to...

        3. Protections for service providers of intermediary services

          1. 8.(1) A prohibition notice or prohibition order may not include...

          2. 9.(1) In paragraph 8 “intermediary services” means an information society...


        1. 10.In this Schedule— “established”, in relation to a service provider,...

        2. 11.(1) A service provider is “established” in a particular part...

    5. SCHEDULE 5


      1. Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act 1985

        1. 1.(1) The Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Act 1985 is repealed.

      2. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

        1. 2.(1) The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is amended as...

      3. Police Reform Act 2002

        1. 3.In Part 1 of Schedule 4 to the Police Reform...

      4. Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003

        1. 4.In Schedule 2A to the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003...

      5. Licensing Act 2003

        1. 5.(1) The Licensing Act 2003 is amended as follows.

      6. Gambling Act 2005

        1. 6.In Part 1 of Schedule 7 to the Gambling Act...

      7. Armed Forces Act 2006

        1. 7.(1) The Armed Forces Act 2006 is amended as follows....

      8. Serious Crime Act 2007

        1. 8.(1) Schedule 1 to the Serious Crime Act 2007 (serious...

      9. Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008

        1. 9.In Schedule 3 to the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act...

      10. Policing and Crime Act 2009

        1. 10.In section 34 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009...

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