PART 5General

123Power to make consequential provision

(1)The Secretary of State may by order make provision in consequence of a provision of this Act.

(2)An order under this section may amend, repeal, or revoke an enactment, or provide for an enactment to apply with specified modifications.

(3)The power conferred by this section is not restricted by any other provision of this Act.

(4)A saving or a transitional or transitory provision in an order under this section by virtue of section 125(8) may, in particular, modify the application of a provision made by the order pending the commencement of—

(a)another provision of the order,

(b)a provision of this Act, or

(c)any other enactment.

(5)Before making an order under this section that contains provision which is within the legislative competence of a devolved legislature, the Secretary of State must consult the relevant devolved authority.

(6)A reference to an enactment includes a reference to an enactment passed or made after the passing of this Act.