Explanatory Notes

Energy Act 2013

2013 CHAPTER 32

18 December 2013

Commentary on Sections

Part 3: Nuclear Regulation

Chapter 4: Functions of the ONR.
Functions of ONR: general
Section 86: Inquiries: payments and charges

420.This section allows the ONR to make payments to anyone who holds an inquiry under section 85 or an assessor who assists in such an inquiry. Payments may take the form of remuneration or allowances or expenses.

421.In addition, subsection (2), allows the ONR to pay expenses to witnesses attending inquiries and subsection (3) allows the ONR to make other payments to meet the costs of an inquiry.

422.Subsections (4) to (6) enable the ONR, with the consent of the Secretary of State, to require such persons as it considers appropriate to make payments in connection with an ONR inquiry. The costs recovered under this provision cannot exceed the ONR’s costs associated with the inquiry (subsection (5)) and the underlying purpose of the section is to enable the ONR to pass the connected cost on to industry. For example, if an inquiry related to a specific nuclear site, it might be appropriate for the ONR to apportion some or all of the costs of an inquiry to the holder of the licence for the relevant site.