Explanatory Notes

Energy Act 2013

2013 CHAPTER 32

18 December 2013

Summary and Background

Part 3: Nuclear Regulation

Chapter 1: The ONR’s purposes

39.Chapter 1 of Part 3 sets out the purposes of the Office for Nuclear Regulation (“ONR”). These five purposes define the areas of responsibility of the ONR and where it will be able to exercise functions. The ONR’s purposes also serve to shape the purposes for which the Secretary of State can make regulations under Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Nuclear regulations

40.Chapter 2 provides powers to the Secretary of State to make nuclear regulations so the legislative framework can allow for flexibility in the regulation of the nuclear industry and for the regime to react effectively in this evolving area.

Chapter 3: Office for Nuclear Regulation

41.Chapter 3 establishes the ONR as a body corporate. The Chapter sets out how the ONR will be structured and explains how it will operate, including: the constitution of the ONR Board; how the organisation will report and be accountable for its activities and delivery of its objectives; and its financial arrangements.

Chapter 4: Functions of the ONR

42.The provisions in this Chapter confer on the ONR a variety of powers and duties. These functions reflect a number of the roles which the ONR is to perform. Its primary role is to regulate the nuclear industry in the areas set out in its five purposes.

Chapter 5: Supplementary

43.This Chapter covers a range of supplementary matters. These include staff and property transfers, supplementary provision relating to criminal offences under Part 3 of the Act and minor and consequential amendments to existing legislation.