Part 7Charity land

Release of charity rentcharges

127Release of charity rentcharges

(1)Section 117(1) does not apply to the release by a charity of a rentcharge which it is entitled to receive if the release is given in consideration of the payment of an amount which is not less than 10 times the annual amount of the rentcharge.

(2)Where a charity which is entitled to receive a rentcharge releases it in consideration of the payment of an amount not exceeding £1,000, any costs incurred by the charity in connection with proving its title to the rentcharge are recoverable by the charity from the person or persons in whose favour the rentcharge is being released.

(3)Neither section 117(1) nor subsection (2) of this section applies where a rentcharge which a charity is entitled to receive is redeemed under sections 8 to 10 of the Rentcharges Act 1977.