Part 1E+WThe regulatory objectives

1The regulatory objectivesE+W

(1)In this Act a reference to “the regulatory objectives” is a reference to the objectives of—

(a)protecting and promoting the public interest;

(b)supporting the constitutional principle of the rule of law;

(c)improving access to justice;

(d)protecting and promoting the interests of consumers;

(e)promoting competition in the provision of services within subsection (2);

(f)encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession;

(g)increasing public understanding of the citizen's legal rights and duties;

(h)promoting and maintaining adherence to the professional principles.

(2)The services within this subsection are services such as are provided by authorised persons (including services which do not involve the carrying on of activities which are reserved legal activities).

(3)The “professional principles” are—

(a)that authorised persons should act with independence and integrity,

(b)that authorised persons should maintain proper standards of work,

(c)that authorised persons should act in the best interests of their clients,

(d)that persons who exercise before any court a right of audience, or conduct litigation in relation to proceedings in any court, by virtue of being authorised persons should comply with their duty to the court to act with independence in the interests of justice, and

(e)that the affairs of clients should be kept confidential.

(4)In this section “authorised persons” means authorised persons in relation to activities which are reserved legal activities.