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Terrorism Act 2006

  1. Part 1 Offences

    1. Encouragement etc. of terrorism

      1. 1.Encouragement of terrorism

      2. 2.Dissemination of terrorist publications

      3. 3.Application of ss. 1 and 2 to internet activity etc.

      4. 4.Giving of notices under s. 3

    2. Preparation of terrorist acts and terrorist training

      1. 5.Preparation of terrorist acts

      2. 6.Training for terrorism

      3. 7.Powers of forfeiture in respect of offences under s. 6

      4. 8.Attendance at a place used for terrorist training

    3. Offences involving radioactive devices and materials and nuclear facilities and sites

      1. 9.Making and possession of devices or materials

      2. 10.Misuse of devices or material and misuse and damage of facilities

      3. 11.Terrorist threats relating to devices, materials or facilities

      4. 12.Trespassing etc. on nuclear sites

    4. Increases of penalties

      1. 13.Maximum penalty for possessing for terrorist purposes

      2. 14.Maximum penalty for certain offences relating to nuclear material

      3. 15.Maximum penalty for contravening notice relating to encrypted information

    5. Incidental provisions about offences

      1. 16.Preparatory hearings in terrorism cases

      2. 17.Commission of offences abroad

      3. 18.Liability of company directors etc.

      4. 19.Consents to prosecutions

    6. Interpretation of Part 1

      1. 20.Interpretation of Part 1

  2. Part 2 Miscellaneous provisions

    1. Proscription of terrorist organisations

      1. 21.Grounds of proscription

      2. 22.Name changes by proscribed organisations

    2. Detention of terrorist suspects

      1. 23.Extension of period of detention of terrorist suspects

      2. 24.Grounds for extending detention

      3. 25.Expiry or renewal of extended maximum detention period

    3. Searches etc.

      1. 26.All premises warrants: England and Wales and Northern Ireland

      2. 27.All premises warrants: Scotland

      3. 28.Search, seizure and forfeiture of terrorist publications

      4. 29.Power to search vehicles under Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000

      5. 30.Extension to internal waters of authorisations to stop and search

    4. Other investigatory powers

      1. 31.Amendment of the Intelligence Services Act 1994

      2. 32.Interception warrants

      3. 33.Disclosure notices for the purposes of terrorist investigations

    5. Definition of terrorism etc.

      1. 34.Amendment of the definition of “terrorism” etc.

    6. Other amendments

      1. 35.Applications for extended detention of seized cash

  3. Part 3 Supplemental provisions

    1. 36.Review of terrorism legislation

    2. 37.Consequential amendments and repeals

    3. 38.Expenses

    4. 39.Short title, commencement and extent


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Convention offences

      1. Explosives offences

        1. 1.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), an offence under any of...

      2. Biological weapons

        1. 2.An offence under section 1 of the Biological Weapons Act...

      3. Offences against internationally protected persons

        1. 3.(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (4), an offence mentioned in section...

      4. Hostage-taking

        1. 4.An offence under section 1 of the Taking of Hostages...

      5. Hijacking and other offences against aircraft

        1. 5.Offences under any of the following provisions of the Aviation...

      6. Offences involving nuclear material

        1. 6.(1) An offence mentioned in section 1(1)(a) to (d) of...

        2. 6A.(1) Any of the following offences under the Customs and...

      7. Offences under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 (c. 31)

        1. 7.Offences under any of the following provisions of the Aviation...

      8. Offences involving chemical weapons

        1. 8.An offence under section 2 of the Chemical Weapons Act...

      9. Terrorist funds

        1. 9.An offence under any of the following provisions of the...

      10. Directing terrorist organisations

        1. 10.An offence under section 56 of the Terrorism Act 2000...

      11. Offences involving nuclear weapons

        1. 11.An offence under section 47 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and...

      12. Conspiracy etc.

        1. 12.Any of the following offences— (a) conspiracy to commit a...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Seizure and forfeiture of terrorist publications

      1. Application of Schedule

        1. 1.This Schedule applies where an article— (a) has been seized...

      2. Notice of seizure

        1. 2.(1) The relevant constable must give notice of the article's...

      3. Notice of claim

        1. 3.(1) A person claiming that the seized article is not...

        2. 4.(1) A notice of claim may not be given more...

      4. Automatic forfeiture in a case where no claim is made

        1. 5.The article is to be treated as forfeited if, by...

      5. Forfeiture by the court in other cases

        1. 6.(1) Where a notice of claim in respect of an...

      6. Forfeiture proceedings

        1. 7.Proceedings by virtue of this Schedule are civil proceedings and...

        2. 8.Proceedings by virtue of this Schedule in—

        3. 9.(1) In proceedings by virtue of this Schedule that are...

        4. 10.(1) In the case of proceedings by virtue of this...

        5. 11.Where an appeal has been made (whether by case stated...

      7. Effect of forfeiture

        1. 12.Where an article is treated or condemned as forfeited under...

      8. Disposal of unclaimed property

        1. 13.(1) This paragraph applies where the article seized under the...

      9. Provisions as to proof

        1. 14.In proceedings arising out of the seizure of an article,...

        2. 15.In proceedings, the condemnation by a court of an article...

      10. Special provisions as to certain claimants

        1. 16.(1) This paragraph applies where, at the time of the...

      11. Saving for owner's rights

        1. 17.Neither the imposition of a requirement by virtue of this...

      12. Interpretation of Schedule

        1. 18.In this Schedule— “article” has the same meaning as in...

    3. SCHEDULE 3