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SCHEDULE 11E+W+SMiscellaneous amendments of 1993 Act

Register kept by ORRE+W+S

10(1)In section 72(2) (matters to be entered in register)—E+W+S

(a)in paragraph (d) (notices with respect to experimental passenger services), for “section 48 above” substitute “ Part 4 of the Railways Act 2005 ”;

(b)for sub-paragraphs (i) to (iii) of that paragraph substitute—

(i)every designation under section 36 of that Act of a service as experimental;

(ii)every notice under section 37(1) or (2) of that Act of the proposed discontinuance of a service designated as experimental;

(c)after that paragraph insert—

(da)in relation to closures, the provisions of—

(i)every closure ratification notice or closure non-ratification notice (within the meaning of Part 4 of the Railways Act 2005) issued by it;

(ii)every closure requirement imposed by it;.

(2)Nothing in this paragraph requires the removal of anything from the register maintained under section 72.