Part VMiscellaneous and supplementary

Appeals relating to London service permits

267London service permits: appeals

(1)Section 189 of the [1999 c. 29.] Greater London Authority Act 1999 (appeals against decisions of Transport for London about London service permits) is amended as follows.

(2)In subsections (2) and (4) (appeals to be made to Mayor), for “appeal to the Mayor” substitute “make an appeal”.

(3)In subsection (5) (appeal to be made within 28 days of issue of notice of decision), insert at the end “; but, subject to that, the procedure for the making of appeals under this section shall be such as the Secretary of State may by regulations prescribe.”

(4)For subsection (6) (Mayor to refer appeal to panel appointed by him) substitute—

(6)An appeal under this section shall be heard by a panel of persons appointed by the Lord Chancellor for the purpose of hearing such an appeal (“an appeal panel”).

(5)For subsection (7) (charging by Mayor of fees for appeals) substitute—

(7)The Secretary of State may make regulations providing for the charging of reasonable fees in respect of appeals under this section.

(6)In subsection (9) (payment by Mayor of fees and expenses of panel members), for “Mayor” substitute “Secretary of State”.

(7)For subsections (11) to (13) (power of panel to report to Mayor who may issue appropriate guidance or directions to Transport for London) substitute—

(11)An appeal panel which has heard an appeal against a decision may—

(a)uphold the decision,

(b)quash the decision, or

(c)substitute for the decision such other decision which Transport for London had power to make as appears to the appeal panel to be appropriate.

(12)An appeal panel which has heard an appeal may make an order about payment of the costs of the appeal; and such an order may require that Transport for London pay to the person who made the appeal a sum equal to the whole or part of any fee paid in accordance with regulations under subsection (7) above.

(8)In section 420(7) of that Act (regulations subject to negative Parliamentary procedure), after the entry relating to any provision contained in Chapters I to IV or VI of Part III, insert—

section 189;.